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Valnico announces great novelties for Tanexpo 2012

Paolo Recanatini is a young and dynamic enterprising businessman who leads Valnico Group. At the moment he does not reveal the great news the company will show in Tanexpo Exhibition 2012, because he does not want to ruin the surprise. He just says in advance “the new patent model will be a great innovation”.

Preview News Tanexpo 2012 | Valnico.itAlso it will offer a different perspective and add value to the coffin. Since several years, Valnico Group has developed a “product which is mindful of current trends but looking into the future”. Valnico is able to extend its product range in Europe thanks to its experience and dynamism associated with art technologies and environmental care, refined designs and attention to the selection of wood. This success is based on: speed deliveries, emergency management and preparedness of oversized coffins in order to suit all requirements.

“Costumer’s needs first” Recanatini declares  proudly. As the facts demonstrates Valnico is one of the fewest manufactures of coffins which does not manage a funeral company. “Competing  with our costumers is beyond argument; it is better to focus attention on manufacturing in order to offer the best product”.

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virgolette | Valnico.it  Welcome you to our new website Valnico.it, in order to show you the latest exclusive models of coffins, urns and funeral accessories. I hope it will satisfy your requirements!

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